Why being a Software Craftsperson matters?

Podcast style audio from the Remote Indian community’s panel I participated recently. I was emphasizing the points from my “What’s Next?” talk:) Listen to the full podcast below

What’s Next?

Lessons I learn(t) from my personal experience, books on taking next steps in software career and progressing in the path to become a software craftsperson. Open video on youtube.

Empathy maketh an Engineer

The journey towards becoming a better developer involves in more than just coding. Empathy is the most important skill that any developer should practice. In this talk we will see as a developer how to write code empathetically and how empathy will help you to become a better software craftsman. By the end of the …

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Building better python microservices with GRPC

Today, massive systems are running on microservices communicating with each other using REST APIs. HTTP is easy to get started, loosely structured and does good job in exchanging messages. But it’s convenience comes with a performance trade-off, which takes us back to other optimal alternative: gRPC Events: Pycon Malaysia 2018, Pycon India 2018

Concurrency vs Parallelism

A good code is one which uses the system resources efficiently which means not over utilizing the resources as well as not under utilizing by leaving them idle. One of the main features of Python3 is its asynchronous capabilities. After getting to know what is concurrency and why concurrency is not parallelism. We will see …

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Opinionated DevOops

An internal opinionated talk I gave to my client team about devops practices.