There are 3 main reasons companies hire me to work with them.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

You have a great product idea and have done some basic market research. You need someone to quickly convert your idea to a prototype that you can take to your potential customers and show to them.

You want someone who is able to understand your ideas and build an end-to-end working version 1.0 of it. At the same time, the product also must stand the test of real-world usage.

Team Augmentation

You have a product that is already working great in production and you have validated the business use case for it. You need to scale up the further development of new features and fixing of bugs in it.

You need a Software Engineer, who can work with your current team, can understand the existing the coding standards and be productive from day 1. I have worked with multiple large scale projects building complex systems that interact with other modules built by different teams.

I ensure that there is proper communication amongst each team member and also between teams. I also set up the right software development process like source control, continuous integration, issue tracking, agile practices and more.

Architecture Audit and Review

You have your product designed and built. You are looking to bring in the big guns and start marketing to the world. But you want to be sure that when the floodgates open, your system can hold and even scale to those occasional spikes in traffic.

I have built multiple systems which have scaled to 1000s of requests per second without breaking a sweat. I can do a Technical Architecture Audit and make sure there aren’t any bottlenecks or Single Points of Failure (SPOF) that would cause service disruption.