Paraview Session Manager

Featured Skills: Golang, Docker, Caddy Web Server, WebSockets, Azure Cloud Client: DataCloud One of the products of a client is used by mining industry to visualize what is under the mountain before starting the actual mining. This will help miners to decide on the equipments and dynamites. I built the backend to support the visualization …

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Vue Studio

Featured Skills: Python3, Django, Serverless, AWS ECS, lambda, Athena, Transcoder, Docker Client: MadStreetDen Vue Studio is an A.I powered video marketing tool that helps the customer to monetize their video assets. It enables the purchase of the fashion items appearing on the video, directly form the video player. I worked closely with the frontend and product …

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Serverless Logging framework

Featured Skills: Python, OOP, AWS Lambda, AWS Athena, AWS Kinesis, AWS quicksight, AWS s3, Redis Client:¬†MadStreetDen Implemented a logging client with OOP paradigms in mind. The object oriented approach helped in distributing the ownership of data integrity among all owners of the microservices where logging client is used. I also implemented a serverless backend for …

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Featured Skills: Python, Django, Postgresql, Psycopg2, ORM, uWSGI Client: MadStreetDen Developed a REST API driven microservice around PostgreSQL database. This helped in rapid iterations of schema changes. Even though there were multiple microservices using the database, only this microservice had to be touched in case of schema change. Was able to derive more insights about …

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Ingestion MicroService

Featured Skills: Python, Multi-threading, Multi-processing Client: MadStreetDen Developed a framework to ingest and parse product catalogs from various sources like HTTP, FTP, AWS SQS, S3. Implemented in a Object Oriented way which helped in writing custom parser for different e-commerce clients.

Message Routing MicroService

Featured Skills: Python, Multi-threading, Concurrency Client: MadStreetDen Built an I/O heavy, multi-tenant microservice that sits in ingestion part of the pipeline. This routes the data (products from the catalog) to different microservices and scales horizontally. Used multi threading to achieve the throughput of 10K messages per minute.

MAD stack

Featured Skills: Python, Golang, PostgreSQL, Django, MicroServices, AWS, Docker Client: MadStreetDen One of the core engineer who helped in abstracting a large, monolithic A.I platform into microservices architecture. This paved the way for MadStreetDen to build a full scale e-commerce suite of products: vue commerce. This platform sits as a base for most of the …

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Decahose Data Management Platform

Featured Skills: Python, Apache Kafka, Storm, Cassandra, ElasticSearch Client: Serendio Architected and developed a real-time data pipeline. This pipeline ingests high volume of twitter stream, extract information on the fly using NLP and expose the stored data via REST API. This pipeline was deployed in bare metal servers.

Emoto Data

Featured Skills: Python, Kafka, Cassandra, ElasticSearch Client: Serendio Developed an architecture to handle streaming data from Chinese websites. This service streams data from various Chinese websites like sina weibo, tencent, renren, etc. enriches it on the fly and stores them.