Hi 👋 I am Naren.

Backend/Clouds/Containers specialist open to contracts

👉 Resume 👈

Feel free to take a look around my website to know more about what I do.

I am a Software Consultant with expertise in building robust backend and scalable systems. Currently, I am helping a stealth startup to build a multi-currency wallet and a Japan based enterprise finance company to build investment management portals. I love travelling and speaking at tech conferences.



I started my career in 2013 by programming in C, especially Embedded C. Then learnt Python and became proficient in it. Later I fell in love with the simplicity of Golang. Past 6 years, I have built 15+ production (micro)services using both Python and Go. I have also explored other languages like C++, Java, Rust, Nodejs, Ruby and Lisp(Scheme). Nevertheless, I strongly believe in choosing the right tool for the right job.
I am also developing my own programming language on the side.


I’ve worked on some databases: Postgres, MySQL, Cassandra, Redis, CouchDB, InfluxDB and BoltDB. I have good experience in designing object-oriented relational schema for products. I have deployed and scaled Redis as in-memory DB, queue, pub-sub and LRU cache. Schema design, query execution plan analysis, optimizing queries, partitioning and scaling are some of the things I have done in PostgreSQL.


I have a good experience in architecting, developing, deploying and scaling robust backend infrastructures. I am aware of most of the AWS services and for many years I have architected solutions using the same. Past one year I have been working with Azure cloud to architect solutions. I am also familiar with Google Cloud Platform. Not to mention that apart from the managed solutions, earlier I have architected and deployed services in bare metal servers too.

I use some kinds of stuff that aren’t completely terrible

Infra and Hosting

Primarily I have used AWS and Azure cloud in my day job. I use Heroku for hackathons, Oracle Cloud and digital ocean to spin up servers for my personal projects.

Version Control

Since I started working on software from 2013, fortunately, I did not struggle with version control systems as my senior devs did. I started using git right away. I host all my public and private projects on Github.

IDE and Editors

I started loving emacs from day one. I got frustrated that I have to install emacs in all the servers I ssh. So I am getting used to Vim these days. Now I am in a state where I lost touch with emacs and trying to push Vim bindings into muscle memory. I was using JetBrains IDEs but recently I switched to VScode. I heavily rely on Notion to organize my notes and projects.


Ubuntu, Debian in servers and mac OS for development.

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