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Who Am I?

I’m Naren. I am a Software Consultant who can help you scale your engineering, both codebase and your team. I have built products with robust backend systems for both Fortune 500 companies and Startups across different industries like Finance, eCommerce, Mining, Blockchain etc. The systems I have built are still handling hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. 

Why Should We Work Together?

  • You are an early-stage startup building an innovative and interesting product in the SaaS space.
  • You want to build your product and validate it with your market quickly. 
  • You want a Software Engineer who can iterate on the product as fast as the market changes.
  • You want someone to audit your existing architecture and help you refactor it to scale.
  • You want a helping hand to work closely with your existing team and be productive from Day 1.

If any of the above is true, we should work together. Let’s hop on a quick call to see how I can help you with your product.


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