Hi👋 I am Naren.

Experienced Backend Engineer open to full time positions

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I am a Software Consultant with specific focus on building robust backend and scalable systems. I love travelling and speaking at tech conferences. I currently work at Tarka Labs.


Started my career in 2013 by programming in C, especially Embedded C. Then explored Python and became proficient in it. I have built 10+ production systems in python. I also love the simplicity of Golang and currently I am building production apps in Go for a Silicon Valley based Startup.


I’ve worked on some databases: Postgres, MySQL, Cassandra, Redis, CouchDB, InfluxDB and BoltDB. I have quite an experience in designing object oriented relational schema for products. I have deployed and scaled redis as in memory DB, queue, pubsub and LRU cache. Schema design, query execution plan analysis, optimizing queries, partitioning and scaling are the some of the things I have done in PostgreSQL.


I have a good experience in architecting, developing, deploying and scaling robust backend infrastructures. I am aware of most of the AWS services and for two years I have architected solutions using the same. From last one year I have been working with Azure cloud to architect solutions. I am also familiar with Google Cloud Platform. Not to mention that apart from the managed solutions, earlier I have designed and deployed services in bare metal servers too.


I have quite a few old blog posts, I am porting them from ghost to medium.

Checkout my blog on medium

What I use

I use some stuffs that aren’t completely terrible.

Infra and Hosting

I have used AWS and Azure cloud primarily in my day job. I use Heroku for hackathons, AWS and digital ocean to spin up servers for my personal projects.

Version Control

Since I started working on software from 2013, fortunately I did not struggle with version control systems as my senior devs did. I started using git right away. I host all my public and private projects in github.

IDE and Editors

I started loving emacs from the day one. I got frustrated that I have to install emacs in all the servers I ssh. So I am getting used to Vim these days. Now I am in a state where I lost touch with emacs and trying to push Vim bindings into muscle memory. I was using JetBrains IDEs but recently I switched to VScode. I heavily rely on evernote to organize my notes and bookmarks.


Ubuntu, Debian in servers and mac OS for development.

Apart from Coding...

Apart from coding, I do other things as well.


I use kindle to read, it’s easier that you carry around all my books. I also export book highlights to my evernote and have a glance at them anytime I want. Books I’ve read so far:


I simply love Brandon Sanderson’s stories. Mistborn Final Empire, Well of Ascension, Hero of Ages, Alloy of law, Shadows of self, Bands of mourning, Elantris, Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oath bringer.
Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, Mostly Harmless.
Then there were none, Murder on the Orient Express, Sherlock Holmes.

Non Fiction

Deep Work, So Good They Can’t Ignore You, How to fail at almost everything and still win big, Subtle art of not giving a f*ck, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, Nudge, Pragmatic programmer, Clean Code, Zero to One.

Here’s the upcoming list of books I will read. Yes I don’t use goodreads, I find that the books I add to goodreads piles up to 1000’s and it becomes a dump. Having amazon book list allows me to take quick actions by buying them from anywhere.


I love to keep myself fit. I am a bit consious about my body. From 2015-2018 I was cycling, even training for cycling races and participated in competitions. But in mid 2018 I started to travel and consult with different time zones, so had to give up cycling. I took up weight training and running as I can do them even when I travel. I try different diets and experiment with my body.


Travel is the only thing that keeps me sane. In 2018 I traveled to 5 countries. I love to explore the cultures and foods of other people. When I was cycling I use to climb hills every month and do long tours by camping at beautiful places.


You can email me or reach out to me on twitter.

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